Tonight, from 26:30 onwards, Nara TV's "ROCK ON L7" will broadcast Kanashibari again!


What exactly is the date of October 19th?

The number of scholars who have worked on this proposition may or may not be in the triple digits.

Not to mention the fact that 10/19 is "292 days from the beginning of the year on the Gregorian calendar (293 days in a leap year) and 73 days to the end of the year".

So, what is this day all about?

It was the first bargain day in Japan when the Daimaru Draper above Tokyo Station held a big sale of winter items.

I'm sure you were all surprised to hear that. Since we have no idea what exactly "Bargain Day" is, the number of scholars who have tried to figure it out is in the low four digits, or maybe not.

Anyway, it's such a big day. And to our surprise, it was not only a bargain day, but also the day that Tatsunoko Productions, the company famous for creating the Time Bokan series and Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, was founded.

And what's even more surprising is that October 19th is also "Squid Salted Fish Day", ma'am! The origin of it seems to be "It's the season of squid, and the number of squid's legs (10) and maturity (19)". Anyway, it's the day of the salted squid.

It's "Bargain Bargain Day", "Tatsunoko Pro's Founding Day" and "Squid Pickled in Salt", a day that seems to have three major Japanese obscenities, on October 19th.

The time has come for it to become a day that combines all four.

Following on from last week's 10/12, Nara TV's "Rock on L7" will be broadcasting Kanashibari again.

10/19 26:30- Nara TV's "ROCK ON L7".

You're about to witness the day when 10/19 becomes the fourth major Japanese Nantucket!




The Lyric video for "Bleed" has been released!


After "The Beast" and "The Deformed God," we've released the Lyric video for "Bleed" yo!

Well, as I wrote yesterday, I was distracted by the fact that my PC was too slow, and I don't really know what the song is about or the arrangement anymore. Anyway, this is a song that I faced the slowness and heaviness of my PC.

I published it late last night, and like the last two songs, this one still "played "Bleed" too much and blew up Youtube! Or, "I was unconsciously repeating 'bleed' and before I knew it, it had been three days! Or, "I just said the word 'bu' and siri replied, 'It's Breed, isn't it?'! Or, "I gave "Breed" too high a rating and broke all the fingers on my hand! I don't hear them say that at all. I wonder what that means. It's really open to the public, isn't it? I'm so anxious and insecure that nothing but fine food is going down my throat, at all.

Well, I can't force you to give me your opinion on a song, so if I had to say anything more, I'd say, "Please listen to the song with your own ears, feel it, give it a high rating, and share it on social media and praise it.

We'll continue to release more songs in the future, so don't miss it!




Waiting in vain


I've reached my limit.

What? Of course it's my PC! (PUNSKA!)

If you ask me what I've been doing for the past few days, the answer is "fiddling with sound". That's all I've been doing. But the truth is, if I've been tinkering for ten hours, four hours of that time must be spent waiting.

As I wrote in "Kanashibari Idiery", I've been devoting myself to sound fiddling now. If I hear in the east that there is a way to do something like that, I try it out, and if I hear in the west that there is a way to do something like that, I say "hmmm" and try it again.

You'd think they'd make a great sound if they heard that, wouldn't you?

But it's not so. Even if each of the various methods are good, it's all about balance, you know. So I tried one, and I said, "Great! And even if you make a big deal about it, it's usually at the expense of something else instead, and if you stand up that way, you don't stand up that way, and if the wind blows, the bucket shop makes money, the blue comes out better than the indigo and is bluer than the indigo, and the autumn eggplant should not be fed to your wife.

Well, anyway, experimenting and finding your own way is the most important thing in anything you do, so I have no complaints about that in itself at all. Of course, I know that this requires a huge amount of repeated failures.

But, you know, my PC is already so damn slow anyway. It's too slow to play around with the sound. It's so slow.

I've had enough of waiting like an idiot every time I try one.

So, let's get a PC! Let's do it! Wow!

But choosing a computer is a pain in the ass...




Prophecy of Mr. N.


Because I wrote myself "Hoshi Shinichi's Short Shorts" the other day in "The Trap Trap of the 'Checkbox'", I got curious and did a little research and this is what I found.

Was Shinichi Hoshi a prophet? Seven short-short predictions of the future.

I mean, I wonder how many of you know Mr. Shinichi Hoshi? Shinichi Hoshi is a Japanese science fiction writer who has created a huge amount of original work in the "short-short" genre of novels, the "short shorts". By the way, the name of the main character in his short shorts is usually "Mr. Nuh".

So, if you look at the article linked above, you'll see that seven of the prophecies that Shinichi Hoshi predicted in his works have practical applications in the modern world.

Prophecy 1. Shopping for immediate delivery of goods / "Misalignment" (published in 1960)

Prophecy 2. Deciphering Ancient Documents / "Ancient Treasures" (published in 1965)

Prophecy 3. Smartphones/"Universal Spy Supplies" (released in 1966)

Prophecy 4. Robot working in a bar/"Bokko-chan" (1958)

Prophecy 5: My Number / "Give Me Your Number" (published in 1968)

Prophecy 6. Perfect Food / "The Forbidden Order" (published in 1966)

Prophecy 7. YouTuber/"The Age of Propaganda" (1969)

Well, I'll let you see the linked article for more details, but, hmmm, some of it sounds like a complication. Prophecy 1, "shopping for products delivered immediately," sounds similar to today's online shopping, but I guess it's different. It's kind of like the "Nobita's desk drawer is the entrance to a time machine" kind of future that's really exciting, isn't it?

By the way, the last time I devoured Hoshi Shinichi's works was when I was in elementary school, and even though I still can't remember the details, the worldview has stuck in my head. It's just so unique, it's a strange feeling to read it. It's futuristic and inorganic.

But what I was surprised to find out is that all of the works listed in this book were written in the 1960s. I didn't know you wrote that thing 60 years ago! Good luck! Normally, if you depict the "future," it will eventually become "old-fashioned," but Shinichi Hoshi's work doesn't have that, and in a way, it's an extremely universal work.




Left hand, too

An English gentleman has created an innovative guitar that picks automatically.

Innovative guitar that picks automatically and plays super fast

But the video in the article shows only a little bit of him playing, so I can't really understand how he's doing it.

It's amazing that he can pick instead of himself. Multitasking, like singing and playing the guitar, is just as annoying as walking and running, so I'm very grateful for the help. If possible, please use my left hand! And if she sings, she's awesome!

But I wonder how they're going to control it. I wonder if I can just remember to pick up the song as I sing it. That would create a multitasking situation where you'd have to sing and remember! Oh, great!

By the way, the guy playing in this video is Ed O'Brien, the guitarist from Radiohead, and I love the band's second album "The Bends" so much, but I only know the name of the band member, vocalist Thom Yorke.

I think up until the second album or so, Thom Yorke played guitar in the band and they called themselves a "triple guitar band". Of course, I'm sure Thom Yorke still plays guitar, but nowadays they are not a band that can be called a "triple guitar band" or anything else that can be summed up as "guitar rock". No band has ever sold that well with that much variety and experimentation. But I like the songs that fit into the term "guitar rock".