There are two gigs this week. Koenji and Kichijoji. It is a feeling that Koenji used to go to the spot really often before, but it is a town that has not been able to go on plating unless it is a gig recently. I'm out of my mind because I'm so neat compared to before.

5/15(水) 高円寺ClubROOTS!
adv/door 2500円 / 3000円 open/start 18:30 / 19:00
カナシバリ / THE☆歌謡ROCKERS / SEGARE(大阪) / 大江戸三人衆げんこつ

5/15 (Wed) Koenji ClubROOTS!
"Limit burst" vol. 7
adv / door 2500 yen / 3000 yen open / start 18:30 / 19:00
Kanashibari / THE ☆ Kayo ROCKERS / SEGARE (Osaka) / Oedo Three People Genkutsu
※ The turnout of Kanasbari will be from 19:00.

高円寺の2日後は吉祥寺。吉祥寺と言えばお洒落タウン。お洒落タウンと言えば吉祥寺。そう、オレ様がはるか昔にギターをなくした街。以前は「住みたい街ランキング」的なアレで必ず1位だったのが最近は下降気味…ってなんかで読んだ気がしたから今ググってみたら、現在でもやっぱり1位っぽいですね。 皆さんなんでそんなに吉祥寺に住みたいんでしょうか。どこかに隠された酒池肉林的な桃源郷でもあるのかしら。桃源郷のそばなんだったら住みたいけど、そうじゃなかったら特に住みたくはないなあ。ギターなくすし(恨)。

Two days after Koenji, Kichijoji. Speaking of Kichijoji, it is a fashionable town. Speaking of fashionable town Kichijoji. Yes, the city where I lost my guitar long ago. In the past, it was a downturn recently that I was always the first place in the city ranking I like to live in, but I felt that I read it in a recent way. . Why do you want to live so much in Kichijoji? I wonder if it is also a sake pond meat forest-like Togenkyo hidden somewhere. I would like to live next to Taoyuan, but otherwise I would not like to live. Eliminate the guitar (恨).

5/17(金) 吉祥寺CRESCENDO
「Ghost of Romance vol.46」
adv/door 2500円 / 3000円
open/start 18:00 / 18:30
カナシバリ / Free As Birds / 少女S / METEORITE / LONG TIME DEAD

5/17 (Fri) Kichijoji CRESCENDO
"Ghost of Romance vol. 46"
adv / door 2500 yen / 3000 yen
open / start 18:00 / 18:30
Kanashibari / Free As Birds / Girl S / METEORITE / LONG TIME DEAD
※ The order number of Kanasbari will be from 19:10.

最近、また読書ブームが来ています。色々と立て込んでる時って、なかなか読書モードに入らないのよね。こないだは映画「パフューム」の原作になった小説「香水」を読みました。なんせ発想が素晴らしい。小説に限らず素晴らしさって色んな種類があるけど、こういう「発想勝ち」ってかなり好きな部類です。小説を読み終わった勢いで映画も観たんだけど(Amazon prime video)、小説を映画化したものはやっぱり原作の方が好きだなあ。どうしても端折ってる箇所が気になるし、行為の理由が「?」になってしまう部分があるので。あと主題として扱っているものが「匂い」なんで、視覚に訴えるのは難しいね。映像は素晴らしかったけど。しばらくは「パリ」と聞いたら映画冒頭のシーンを反射的に思い出してしまいそうです。あと主人公がどうしてもストーン・ローゼズのイアン・ブラウンに見えてしょうがなかったです。

Recently, the reading boom is coming again. When I stand up in various ways, I can not easily enter the reading mode. Konoida read the novel "Perfume" that was the original of the movie "Purfume". What a great idea. Not only novels, but there are various types of great things, but this kind of "concept winning" is quite a favorite class. I watched a movie when I finished reading a novel (Amazon prime video), but what turned the novel into a movie still likes the original. Because there is a part where the reason of the act becomes "?" What is treated as the subject after the "smell" because it is difficult to appeal to the eye. The picture was great though. For a while, if you ask "Paris", it seems that you will remember the scene of the beginning of the film reflectively. After the main character, I could not help seeing Ian Brown of Stone Roses.



Let's go and go back and forth between Chuo Line and Sobu Line toward Koenji and fashionable town "Kichijoji" which became a small town in Honja.




iTunes Music Store 海外配信&PC配信 4/24
Apple Music 4/24
Google Play 4/24
Rakuten Music 4/24
KKBOX,うたパス 4/24
AWA 4/24
Amazonデジタルミュージック 4/24
Amazon Music Unlimited(JP) 4/24
Amazon Prime Music 4/24
Spotify 4/24
music.jp 5/1
MySound 5/1
iTunes Music Store 5/1
iTunes Music Store クラウド 5/1
DL:mu-mo SUB:スマホでUSEN 5/22
DL:レコチョク 5/22
ドワンゴジェイピー 5/22


By the way, delivery has been started, double lead track single 'Mother goose of profanity / 813'. By the way, there are sites that are not "4/24 delivery start !!!" declared in advance in the circumstances of adults, children, gentleman and maiden, so please say hello to me.

<Distribution start date of each distribution site>

iTunes Music Store Overseas Distribution & PC Distribution 4/24
Apple Music 4/24
Google Play 4/24
Rakuten Music 4/24
KKBOX, Uta Pass 4/24
AWA 4/24
Amazon Digital Music 4/24
Amazon Music Unlimited (JP) 4/24
Amazon Prime Music 4/24
Spotify 4/24
music.jp 5/1
MySound 5/1
iTunes Music Store 5/1
iTunes Music Store Cloud 5/1
DL: mu-mo SUB: USEN on smartphone 5/22
DL: Rekochok 5/22
Dwango Jaypee 5/22

There may be other than this. It may not be. For example YO which is divided in various ways even in the same Amazon and iTunes recently, for example. After that you are looking for yourself Senor & Senorita! ! !


I finally read it. Mike Tyson autobiography. It was fun, but there were a lot of characters and I wasn't happy about it. There were times when all the other tasks were piled up, and it took me a long time to finish reading. So it may have gone away. I feel that the feeling of reading is somehow similar to Paul Stanley's autobiography. I would like to read Paul Stanley's autobiography again. Whether Mike Tyson or Paul Stanley, it is a reason why they are in their early childhood, but people who become big still have such cases. In that case, I can not be big like I was born and noble prince Tick I have never had anything heavier than a wolf (nose hozy). First of all, it is hopeful that I can not read the book of the size that I want to consider such a figure, lying on my back, so I can not die.

次回のギグは明後日、荻窪Club Doctorです。荻窪と言えばそう、ウワサの「かいぶつらんど」ですよね。その斜め向かい側にあるクラブ・ドクなんとかとかいうライブハウスに行くのも悪くはありませんが、とにもかくにも荻窪といえば「かいぶつらんど」なんで、まちがえんじゃねーぞスットコドッコイ!!!

4/26(金) 荻窪Club Doctor
第2回 Giragira Akira 企画 ~俺達はロックの野獣~
adv/door 2000円 / 2500円
open/start 18:30 / 19:00
カナシバリ / Giragira Akira with His Cool Buddies / VECTORS

The next gig will be Ogikubo Club Doctor the day after tomorrow. Speaking of Ogikubo Club Doctor, it's U-Kasa's Kainobu Tsura. It's not bad to go to a club, dock or something like that on the other side of the street, but it's not too bad to say that Ogikubo is "Kaibutsurando", so it's a mistake! ! !
4/26 (Fri) Ogikubo Club Doctor
The second Giragira Akira planning-we are the beast of rock-
adv / door 2000 yen / 2500 yen
open / start 18:30 / 19:00
Kanashibari / Giragira Akira with His Cool Buddies / VECTORS
※ The turn of the cuttlefish is 19:30:





いよいよ発表されましたね。アレが。 そう、2019.4.24 に配信限定リリースされるダブルリードトラックシングル『冒涜のマザーグース/813』のトレーラーでございます。Youtubeが燃え上がるまで視聴しやがれコンチクショウ!!!

It was finally announced. Are there. Yes, it is a trailer of the double lead truck single "Browse mother goose / 813" that will be released limited to 20194.24. Watch and watch until Youtube burns up! ! !

【New Release】 ダブルリードトラックシングル 『冒涜のマザーグース / 813』 2019/4/24 各種配信サイトにて、配信限定リリース!!!

[New Release] Double lead track single "Mother Goose of Profanity / 813" 2019/4/24 Distribution limited release at various distribution sites! ! !


This release is limited to delivery. What percentage of the people who want to get rid of it want CDs, I do not know completely what percentage is asking for distribution, but anyway it is only distribution this time. There is no present. I feel that it will be boring with just a CD when I make a present but eventually I would like to make something interesting. But "interesting things" are difficult and expensive to make. Himiko used hot water to make something interesting with gold! ! !


That's right, tomorrow is a gig with Ikebukuro swords. I've been to go see a few times to see my friend's gig. It's been a while since I've been going for the first time in many years, but this is my first time to appear. There is a memory that the door is heavy because the entrance is difficult to understand, but I wonder what it actually is.


Oh, I would like to go on a luxury cruise ship that never shakes, and take a boat trip on a lavish sake pond meat forest.



カナシバリ - 813@渋谷Star lounge 2019.2.19 撮影 ナカミチ

いよいよ明後日に迫りましたね。そう、荻窪Club Doctorで開催されるカナシバリ ONE MAN GIG!!!

これを読んでいる皆様にとって、荻窪と言えばもちろん「かいぶつらんど」でしょうそうでしょう。でもその向かいのビル地下1FにあるClub Doctorの存在を忘れてはいけませんよ。荻窪で「かいぶつらんど」の次に素敵な場所なんですからね。「かいぶつらんど」と言えばその昔、ベロンベロンに酔っぱらったオレ様が朝方ふと我に返ると、店の女性たちの困惑の目を一身に浴びながらカラオケで「雪国」を熱唱していたことがあったようななかったような。

I finally approached the day after tomorrow. Yes, Kanashibari ONE MAN GIG to be held at Ogikubo Club Doctor !!!

For everyone reading this, of course Ogikubo would probably be "Raito Land". But do not forget the existence of Club Doctor in the 1st floor of the building opposite the building. It is a wonderful place next to 'Castel Land' in Ogikubo. Speaking of "Kaitetsu Land", long ago when Mr. Bellon Bellon got drunk I returned to morning, I was singing "Snow Country" by karaoke while I was bathed in the eyes of the women in the shop It seems like it was not there.

またClub Doctorと言えばその昔は荻窪ではなく新宿(というか大久保)にあったワケですが、オレ様はその当時出禁(出入り禁止、の意)になっておりました。出禁になった理由はここには書きませんが、そんな因縁深いClub DoctorというライブハウスでONE MAN GIG。興奮しますね。

「興奮する」と言えばサンドウィッチマンのコントや漫才でよく使われるフレーズですが、最近モロモロの作業中、 サンドウィッチマンのコントや漫才をYoutubeで流していることが多いです。いやホント音楽聴いてる時間よりもサンドウィッチマン聴いてる時間の方が圧倒的に長いです。てか最近音楽聴いてないかも。サンドウィッチマン聴くのに忙しくて。

でも27日はサンドウィッチマン聴くのをガマンしてONE MAN GIGやるぞ!!!

Speaking of Club Doctor, it was a wake that was in Shinjuku (Okubo) rather than Ogikubo, but I was banned at that time (meaning ban on entering). I do not write the reason for being banned here, but ONE MAN GIG at the live house called Club Doctor that is deeply related. I am excited.

If you say "get excited", it is a phrase often used in sandwich man's controls and comic magazines, but in the morning of recent work, sandwich man 's control and comic strips are often shed on Youtube. It is overwhelmingly longer that the sandwich man listening time than the time I listen to really music. He may not have listened to music recently. I am busy listening to sandwich man. 

But on 27th I will do sandwich man listening and ONE MAN GIG will do it !!! 

Photo by Kazutaka Sasaki